19 Apr 2012 | The hotel property is a premium in Krasnodar

Luxury Hotel in Krasnodar "Foreigner" opened its doors to welcome all guests and visitors of the city of Krasnodar. Every day, the hotel is working for you and for your holiday. Many came to the city stop at the "Alien", which is located in the city center. In the hotel you can visit the restaurant, but if you want to hold a business meeting, you will be offered to rent the conference hall.

Our hotel in Krasnodar - it combines a high level of service and comfort. Our hotel is a classic design is different, and the staff will do everything to make guests were pretty amazed at not only the European quality of service, but also the special and exceptionally tasty cuisine.

Sincerely, the hotel "foreigner" - www.hotel-inostranez.ru | Best Hotel in Krasnodar

Hotel in the center of Krasnodar, a business hotel

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