26 Jan 2015 | Hotel in the center of Krasnodar at night

If you want to stay in the center of Krasnodar, the better hotel than the "foreigner" You will be hard to find. Of course, in the city center there are several large and well-known hotels, but the room rate for 1 night might seem expensive.

But, at the "alien" value for money to be very attractive. Comfortable hotel rooms, comfortable beds, modern furnishings, and of course the most advantageous location in the city - this is the hotel "foreigner."

You can book single, double or triple room hotel. The rate includes breakfast.

Sincerely, the hotel "foreigner" - www.hotel-inostranez.ru | Hotels in Krasnodar

Best Hotel in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Hotel in the center of

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