13 Feb 2018 | Hotel with a conference hall in Krasnodar

During a business trip, you need to hold business meetings. For a large number of people it is easier to organize business negotiations in a special conference room at the hotel "Inostranez" in Krasnodar.

At this hotel, located in the historic center of the city, near the "walking" places there are many administrative buildings and restaurants. There you can hold short business meetings. But for business negotiations, where it is necessary to show presentations, to speak before the listeners, only the conference hall will do. In Krasnodar in the hotel "Inostranez" the meeting room is designed for an audience of up to 12 people. It has comfortable beautiful furniture and equipment, necessary for presentation and presentation of presentations. In the conference hall, a friendly, but not distracting, design was made.

You can rent a room in the hotel with a conference hall in Krasnodar through the site of the hotel "Inostranez".

Source: Hotel "Inostranez" - hotel with a conference hall in Krasnodar.

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