06 Feb 2018 | Krasnodar hotels inns

In our city there are many luxurious and inexpensive hotels. But they are scattered around the city so that it's difficult to get from them to the right place. Therefore, for a business trip it is more convenient to stay in Krasnodar in a hotel near the center.

In the central part of the city on the main street there are only three hotels: one large and two medium in number of rooms. And those are often filled. To book a hotel room at any time of the day, regardless of the season, stop in Krasnodar at the Hotel Inostranez at st. World. This is a small, relatively new hotel in the historic part of the city, which fits perfectly into its old architecture.

If you are in Krasnodar for the first time, the Hotel Inostranez you will find without difficulty. From the railway station to the hotel you will reach in 10 minutes by public transport. You can book a room in Krasnodar at the Hotel Inostranez via the website.

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